2019 programme


Here’s the draft larp programme for The Smoke 2019! There might be some changes between now and the festival, but hopefully not too many.

Click on each larp’s name to go to a page of details about it.

A Wolf by Any Other Name Designed by: Maury Brown, Ben Morrow Magic, werewolves, detention
Arsenic & Lies (R) Karolina Soltys Family, secrets, murder
As on by is held in (18+) Nilas Dumstrei Uncertainty, self/surroundings, invisibility
Beginning (18+) Nina Runa Essendrop Sensory, gentle, abstract
Being Scene (18+) Michael Such Music, movement, connection
Between Limbo and the Veil (P) Muriel Algayres Emotions, team work, trials
Bon Appetit (18+, P) Kol Ford Diplomacy, society, cannibalism
Bothwell School of Witchcraft (P) Cameron Readman Investigate, prepare, learn
Clearing Jamie Harper Community, diversity, resilience
Closing Doors (18+) Rei England What-if, choices, identity
Critical Path (18+, R) Amanda Brown, Jill Krynicki Dutcher, James Silverstein, Brandon Brylawski, Doug Freedman Drama, decisions, ride
Dance of the Perseids Lea Pullerits, Simon James Pettitt Passionate, surreal, journey
Death (Whispers in the Dark) (P) Stephen Dorman, Nick Long, Ben Mars Darkness, unknown, trust
Dinner at Grandpa’s Giulia Cursi, Mirko Gaviano, Alessandro Giovannucci, Chiara
Locatelli, Marco Tamburrino
Black comedy, family, grotesque
Father (18+) Espe Montero Family, drama, hospital
Gone Viral Liz Cable, Toby Jones Puzzles, deduction, escape!
I keep some coffee warm for you! Jonas Klinkenberg Friendship, memories, trust
Life Lessons (18+, P) Mo Holkar Drawing, community, self-exploration
Life on a string (18+) Jantine van den Bosch Silent, abstract, theatrical
Living Embers (18+) Laura Wood, Karolina Soltys, Patrik Balint, David Owen Family, normalisation of dysfunction, surreal
Love Stories by ABBA Anna Westerling Love, music, party
Miss-under-stood (P) Beatriz Creel Communication, enigma, discovery
New Life (P) Laura Wood, Ruth Trenery-Leach Motherhood, identity, change
Once Upon a Time, We Were Celebrities Diana Ostrat Past, choices, hope
Playdate Stephanie Marx, Drew Novick, Margaret Simkins, Susan Weiner Childlike, identity, reality
Sarabande Maria Bergmann Hamming, Jeppe Bergmann Hamming Music, art, emotion
Sign: A Game About Being Understood (R) Kathryn Hymes, Hakan Seyalioglu Exploratory, creative, linguistics
Small dreams, big goals. (P) Mary Czapkowska, Donata Brazauskaite Drugs, dreams/nightmares, insanity
Small Town Folks Tracy Bose, Rob Harris, Mo Holkar, Tony Mitton, Mike Snowden, and Cat Tobin Community, family, history
Strangers (R) Nina Runa Essendrop Culture clash, abstract, mute
The City of Bavel Erez Zvulun, Hila Gregory Meinrath, Yauheniya Siadova Communication without language
The Journey (18+) Jantine van den Bosch, Marcel Oerlemans Physical, experimental, journey
The Larp Crush (18+, P) Agata Swistak Romance, larp, comedy
The Meeting Point (P) Laura Wood Identity, time-travel, relationships
The Script (18+, P) Michael Such Acting, relationships, viewpoints
The Waiting Room of Lost Souls (18+, P) John Shockley, Martyn Meeks Goals, fiction, fun
They Come At Night (18+, P) Gordon McDonald Co-operation, betrayal, fear
Trojan Women (18+) Troels Ken Pedersen Mourning, community, tragedy
Unity (P) Lee Foxworthy, Seth Fogarty Detainment, heritage, arduous decisions
Voices Melina Cunelius Mental health, dissociation
What Might Have Been (18+, P) Karolina Soltys, David Owen, Patrik Balint Search for meaning, end of the world, interpretations

18+ = this larp is only suitable for participants aged 18+. Others are suitable for age 16+.
R = revisit – this larp has been a favourite at The Smoke in a previous year, so it’s been brought back to give new people a chance to play it.
P = premier – this larp has not run at a festival before! (But, like all of them, it has been playtested.)

In addition to these larps, as a new experiment for this edition of The Smoke, we’re scheduling some workshops! These will involve fun group and individual exercises, led by experts, that will look at different aspects of larping and hopefully spark some thought about how to enjoy your participation in it even more.

Love & larp: Tips & tricks (18+) Maria Bergmann Hamming, Jeppe Bergmann Hamming Love, romance, interaction
People We’ve Been and People We Are (18+) Jonaya Kemper Autoethnography, emancipatory bleed, exploring a character

Larp slots

Here’s a handy rough graphic of which larps are in which slot, in which room:


(click on it to make it bigger)

And here are the programmes from the 2018 and 2017 festivals.