Before the End: Situation Room

Designers: Reality Checkpoint LRP (UK)

Number of participants: 8–12

Duration: 4 hours

Run before at: Oakraven Field Centre on 10–12/06/2016

About the larp

Before the End is a UK LRP system focussing on; survival, the end of the world and mankind’s final hours before destruction. During the course of the game, characters will be put into a scenario which will see the world, as they know it, end. What that scenario is and whether your characters will survive remains to be seen.

Reality Checkpoint LRP will be running the following scenario at The Smoke:

June 2016: An ecological disaster has struck the world…

It began with crop failure on a massive scale, as worldwide the plants began to die. Then came the plague. Bulgarian Goat Disease (BGD) spread quickly throughout many farms in Western Europe, starting first with the goats before leaping whole species with a cruel and worrying efficiency. By the time the EU called for the livestock to be burned, the damage had already been done, with much of Europe ravaged by the disease with food riots erupting in many towns and cities across the continent.

It’s June 11th 2016. You’ve been called to the Situation Room under the West Wing of the White House for a Crisis Management Meeting as BGD has been found for the first time outside of Europe. With supplies dwindling and the disease barely contained, some of the finest minds in America have been called to find a solution to the problem and provide some hope to the American people in these dark times.

You have been summoned to help ensure order is maintained, a solution to the crisis found and a message of hope spread to the people of America in these hard time. It’s just a routine meeting all in all. After all it’s not the end of the world…

Characters will be provided, and smart casual or formal clothing is recommended for this LARP.