Old & Wise

Designer: Jantine van den Bosch (NL)

Number of participants: 8–12

Duration: 3 hours

Run before at: many times in the Netherlands, with both larpers and business people; and internationally at Grenselandet in 2014

About the larp

“Everyone wants to grow old, but no one wants to be it…”

In Old & Wise, we take a peek into the further that awaits us… one of being old. During this scenario, you will experience how it is to be an elderly person in an elderly home, while time is passing by, and you slowly loosen the grip on your physical and mental abilities and the control of your own life. To feel how it is to fall apart, until death is only a relief.

Expect a realistic game, playing close to home, aiming for emotional moments and confronting you with the lack of purpose in your (elderly) life…