The Final Cut

Designers: David Townsend & Liz Hayward

Participants: 19

Duration: 4 hours

Run before at: Consequences 2013

About the larp

It is 1953. As the new Queen ascends the throne, Anvil Productions attempt to churn out another of their critically panned but financially successful pot-boiler horror films at Balvinnie Castle, a half ruined castle in the middle of a Scottish loch; the perfect and cheap location.

Abandoned since the old laird died, it creaks back into life and the legend of the Beast of Balvinnie Castle seems nothing but a ploy to generate publicity.

However, as the evening fog swirls in from the sea, a scream rings out and the mutilated body of a young cast member is found in a locked room.

With sightings of serpentine figures underwater and strange noises in the night, will any of the cast and crew live to see the morning… or will this be the Final Cut?

The Final Cut is written in the genre of 1950s films. A number of events in the background have led to the characters being where they are and their experiences of the Second World War and the bohemian/libertine atmosphere of Hollywood have shaped them for better and for worse.
The film is distinctly horror PG-12/15 in setting in that unpleasant experiences, whilst not overly graphic or detailed, are part of the back-story for some of the characters. In light of that, if the players have any particular triggers that would make playing the game uncomfortable for them, it would be sensible to privately e-mail the GMs beforehand.
There may be occasional loud noises.