The Night Café

Designers: Kristoffer Thurøe & Jesper Heebøll (DK)

Number of participants: 6–15

Duration: 4 hours

Run before at: Black Box Copenhagen, Larpwriters’ Summer School, and Grenselandet

About the larp

When we sleep, our unconscious mind, the Dream Messengers, build dreams for us to try to send us important messages through the night. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t, because they have to hurry up before we wake.

The Night Café is a short version of the larp Before We Wake. It is a surreal, personal larp, where you can explore your dreams.

The Night Café was created by Kristoffer Thurøe and Jesper Heebøll (based on Before We Wake by Heebøll, Essendrop, Harder, Fich, Kromann and Schønnemann Andreasen). It will be directed by Kristoffer Thurøe.