Critical Path

Key themes: How life changes as a result of choices that you make 

Designers: Amanda Brown, Jill Krynicki Dutcher, James Silverstein, Brandon Brylawski, Doug Freedman (US)

Presented by: Sue L (UK)

Number of participants: 9

Duration: 2 hours (NOTE: could be more like 3 hours, taking up some of the lunch break. This would be a good larp to choose if you aren’t planning on signing up for a Sunday afternoon larp, perhaps because you have to leave early.)

Genre/style: a game of intense interpersonal drama and shifting perspectives, set aboard a prototype starship on its maiden voyage.

Run before at: Developed at Peaky Midwest, run at least 12 times in the US and UK 

Content warning: This game contains mature themes. Not for children under 18. Lots of potential triggers. This is an emotional rollercoaster but one of the best games I’ve ever played. Players will need to read multiple short sheets in English during the game. There will be lighting / sound effect including a brief period of blackout.

About the larp

DATELINE: Cape Canaveral, 2043 – Faster-than-light Travel Possible!

“We dedicate this voyage to children around the world,” billionaire philanthropist Killian Shepard said, as he and his small crew of researchers boarded their experimental craft. “It is their future we hope to secure.”

Critical Path is a game of intense interpersonal drama and shifting perspectives set aboard the Victoria II, a prototype starship on its maiden voyage. Join the crew as they race to the edge of possibility, pushing the boundaries of knowledge – of themselves and the universe around them.

Costume: Black / dark trousers, uniform top will be provided

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