Fuenteovejuna my lord!

Key themes: Justice, togetherness and honora (perception of honour in front of others)

Designer: José Castillo Meseguer (ES)

Presented by: Karolina Soltys (UK)

Number of participants: 9–13

Duration: 3 hours

Genre/style: Edularp, tragicomedy, based on a theatrical play

Run before at: Colegio San Buenaventura – with students of 13 to 17.
EntreRevs (Spanish larp convention)
Bring a larp weekend (chamber larp project – Austria)

Content warning: rape and abuse

About the larp

Fuenteovejuna is a XVII century Spanish theatrical play. Due to its almost choral characters, its cultural impact and the relevance of its topics (the injustice of the powerful, rape and abuse, the union and honour of the common folk) it is perfect for an Edularp.

The aim of the larp is to in a fun way rescue the taste for classical theatre and the topics contained in the play: justice, togetherness and honra (perception of honour in front of others).
The edularp Fuenteovejuna will take place the same way as it was played by students of age 13 to 17.

José Castillo Meseguer is an international larp organizer, both as a member of Somnia and by himself.
Co-founder of the Spanish larp conference and founder of Larp Spain, a group for the diffusion of Spanish larps. Co-founder of the group for experimental larps Larp Lab Vienna.
Passionate for trying out different styles, he firmly believes that LARP will finally achieve it’s recognition as a form of art.