Key themes: Dying horribly (probably) in multiple ways with comedic elements, high tech wizardry and fake Russian accents

Designers: Mike Young and Moira Parham (US)

Presented by: Dave Dorward (UK)

Number of participants: 6–10

Duration: 2 hours

Genre/style: Pressure cooker freeform

Run before at: Multiple times in the USA and the UK

Content warning: none

About the larp

Welcome to the K300, Kashalot, Submarine. We will have exciting adventure underneath the waves. Can your crew survive the disasters for an hour before help arrives? Inspired by the board game Red November. Bring your Russian accents and prepare to die horribly. We will provide costuming and pre generated characters.

Costume: black trousers – we will provide uniform shirts

Requires: physical activity, computer use, steady hands, players will be cast according to their self declared abilities