Larp for Airports

Key themes: relaxation, conversation, realism

Designer: Michael Such and Fredrik Hossmann (UK/NO)

Presented by: Michael Such (UK)

Number of participants: 2–15

Duration: 2 hours

Genre/style: nordic influenced, ambient, improv

Run before at: Written collaboratively at Knutepunkt 2017, run at London Indie RPG Meetup

Content warning: none

About the larp

A low key, plotless, whimsical, chatty larp where nothing really happens. Relax and enjoy time spent waiting to board a plane with your friends. Suited to being played as a come down from other intense larps or at an airport after a larp convention.

Michael enjoys all forms of collaborative storytelling. He has performed as half of improv duo Two of Wands and directed the show Open Roads based on the story game Ribbon Drive. He writes and plays tabletop roleplaying games. Thanks to Knudepunkt and Just a Little Lovin’ he has fallen down the Nordic/progressive larp wormhole.