Lost Shadows

Key themes: shadows, sense of self, body awareness

Designer: Marije Baalman (NL)

Presented by: Marije Baalman (NL)

Number of participants: 6–20

Duration: 2 hours

Genre/style: abstract, non-verbal

Run before at: First experiments in January during “A love Piece” in Copenhagen. Further playtests will happen in November in The Hague and Amsterdam.

Content warning: none

About the larp

An invitation to dance with your shadow…
A shadow always follows you, what if you follow your shadow?
Your body casts a shadow, but what shape does it take?
Every light causes a shadow, but what if a shadow alters the light?
And if we loose our shadow, do we loose ourselves?

Lost Shadows is a multi-participant, interactive environment driven by the interactions of sound, light, visitors and shadows. The experience makes the participant aware of her own shadow – a trace in the environment of which one normally isn’t so aware. While playing you loose sense of yourself, as you are drawn into the strange shapes a shadow can take.

immersive, psychological larp, short larp, and crossovers to interactive media art