M vs M

Key themes: Superpowers, racism, civil war, loss

Designer: John Stavropoulos and Terry Romero (US)

Presented by: Joanna Piancastelli (UK)

Number of participants: 8–12

Duration: 4 hours

Genre/style: American Freeform

Run before at: M vs M has run multiple times in the US and UK

Content warning: Violence, Death, Civil War, Police Brutality, Racism towards a fictional group that the player characters are part of

About the larp

Some people said your super powers made you dangerous. They certainly made you different. Many of you were outcasts, but your teacher brought you together and made you a family. They had a dream of how you could live together with the rest of the world. And they died. Now the people who hate you for what you are are coming for you, and there’s no one left to protect you. You’re going to have to take a stand for yourself and decide what’s worth fighting for.

In M vs M, you’ll create a character at a school for heroes and follow them throughout the devastating brutality that finds them and their friends in the years after the death of their mentor.

I’ve been larping for almost ten years across Europe and America, playing everything from short, high-concept black box games to days-long, deeply immersive events. My first larp won a Golden Cobra award and has visited more countries than I have, and later this year I’ll present my second location larp, Marked: A School for Heroes.