No Island is an Island

Key themes:

Designer: Nina Runa Essendrop (DK)

Presented by: Nina Runa Essendrop (DK)

Number of participants: 5–6

Duration: 4 hours


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Content warning:

About the larp

A larp where players create fictive islands together by making soundscapes and afterwards explore these places as members of a lost tribe.

No Island is an Island is an intuitive, sensuous and abstract larp. The players will practice how to use their voices in different ways and how to follow each others sounds to create coherent soundscapes. Besides sounds the larp uses touch, movement and description of inner visions as primary tools. Players will have their eyes closed during most of the larp. The larp was originally created to produce sound material for the performance installation “Ingen ø er en ø” by Francis Patrick Brady.