Key themes: communication, understanding, language

Designer: Kathryn Hymes and Hakan Seyaliogliu (US)

Presented by: Mo Holkar (UK)

Number of participants: 5–10

Duration: 2 hours

Genre/style: non-verbal improvised

Run before at: 

About the larp

Sign is a game about being understood. It’s a non-verbal larp exploring deafness and the origins of Nicaraguan Sign Language. Together we will share the frustration and loneliness of not having a language. We’ll slowly develop the tools necessary to express what’s important to us. We will explore which words we choose to define together, and what that says about ourselves, our deepest desires, and the relationships we build.

An encouraging note from the designers: “A game that features silence may seem challenging on first read. However, with every run, we’ve been absolutely amazed by how quickly the players develop language and have an experience that is both fun and moving. Silence is an important tool for empathy. Don’t let the quiet scare you, embrace it!”