Key themes: Womanhood, self-determination, sorority, feminism

Designer: Muriel Algayres (FR)

Presented by: Muriel Algayres (FR)

Number of participants: 8/10/12

Duration: 4 hours

Genre/style: Historically-inspired social chamber larp, with Nordic narrativist influence

Run before at: New creation

Content warning: abuse, sexism

About the larp

The intertwined lives of women before and after World War I, learning about themselves, their issues, and discovering sisterhood and support in the midst of troubled historical times.

Costume: Long skirt/dress or pareo worn as a skirt

Muriel Algayres is a historian and game designer from France. She has interest and focus in historically-inspired games, among which in particular the “romanesque” genre, educational larps, game theory and character-based design. She has been a creator and organizer for 13 years, and was responsible for the first international game created in France, Harem Son Saat.