Superstition: An exhibition of artefacts from The Miskatonic University Collections

Key themes: migration, belief, faith, tradition, ownership

Designer: Chloe Germaine Buckley and Laura Mitchell (UK)

Presented by: Laura Mitchell (UK)

Number of participants: 6–18

Duration: 3 hours

Genre/style: Cthulhu-themed escape room

Run before at: This game has been run and playtested for a closed group of members and associates of the Games Research Network, Manchester.

Content warning: none

About the larp

“Superstitions of the Early Colonial Period” incorporates a selection of artefacts never before released from the Miskatonic University collections. These items present an insight into the role that religion, myth and superstition played in everyday Colonial life from the 17th Century onwards, many brought to New England from the variety of cultures across the ‘Old World’. We invite you to accompany our resident expert, Professor Sam Hawkins, as you discover beliefs that died out, others that continue today and hear stories of faith, heresy and superstition attached to the treasures of the Orne Library and Miskatonic’s famous book collection. Perhaps you will recognise practices from your own homelands in the strange beliefs of these early settlers?

I have been contributing to, playing and organising LARP events for almost ten years in horror, sci-fi and fantasy genres. Most recently this has included working as part of the Reality Checkpoint team and developing my forthcoming new Regency game Charity, Honour, Murder. As a university lecturer I also aim to bring creative theatricality into educational and public experiences.