The Aeneid: Journey to the Underworld

Key themes: Love, Honor, Betrayal, Peace, Death.

Designer: Rebecca Roycroft (US)

Presented by: Ally Foxworthy (US)

Number of participants: 12–15

Duration: 4 hours

Genre/style: Nordic-Inspired American Freeform.

Run before at: April 26, 2015 with five players and 1 larp director
August 15, 2015. With 14 players and 1 larp director
September 2015 @ Wyrd con. With 12 (?) players and 1 larp director

Content warning: Murder, War, Afterlife.

About the larp

In The Aeneid: Journey to the Underworld, we will embark on a journey to the underworld together. We will embody the spirits of dead heroes from the Aeneid. The only thing they have left to do is make peace with their lives and their choices. What is the legacy of their actions? Could things have gone differently? Does it matter? Together, we will find out. (You do NOT have to be familiar with or have read the Aeneid in order to fully enjoy and participate in this LARP.)

Costume Optional – But sheets as Togas are welcome

Ally is an avid LARP Enthusiast that has a variety of experience in both playing and directing LARPs. 12 years of parlor style larps, 5 years of bofferlarps, 4 years or so of more ‘free-form’ style play. The play Ally enjoys the most is the kind where the director is seen less, and the players are allowed to drive the story. The play Ally enjoys directing the most is personal and impactful to each player. Darker, heavier concepts are more common than comedic or silly ones.