The Last Sunset

Key themes: The game deals with topics such as regret, success, failure, desire, consent, misunderstandings, and choices.

Designer: Francesco Rugerfred Sedda (IT)

Presented by: Francesco Rugerfred Sedda (IT)

Number of participants: 2

Duration: 1.5 hours max

Genre/style: Freeform.

Run before at: Playtests for this game were done at Freeform 2014, Chambercon 2015, ArCONate 2015, plus some private and blind playtests.

Content warning: The content warnings are the key themes.

About the larp

A freeform live-action role-playing game for 2 players.

The player take the roles of a couple during their last sunset, where the shadow of the past are strong. One of them has a letter: what could its contents reveal?

Game designer, sound designer, knowledge lover.