Sensory, gentle, abstract

Designer: Nina Runa Essendrop (DK)
Number of participants: 10–15
Duration: 4 hours
Genre/style: physical, abstract, poetic, sensory, non-verbal.
The presenter feels that this larp IS NOT suitable for people under the age of 18

About the larp

Beginning starts at the dawn of time, where a group of blind beings slowly comes to life. The scenario is about the beings and their meeting with themselves, each other and the ever-changing world they live in. Through an extensive pre-larp workshops, the players get familiar with moving and playing when not seeing, and are taken into a magical world of sound, smells and feelings, but with no sight. Gradually, the beings learn to move in different ways and explore the world and the other creatures that live there. Beginning is an abstract scenario, focusing on the bodily and the senses.

Content Warnings: Players will be blindfolded for the duration of the larp (and parts of the workshop). Play includes communication and exploration through touch.

Presented by

Nina Runa Essendrop (DK): Nina Runa Essendrop is a Danish artist and larp designer with a masters degree in Theater, Dance and Performance Studies. She has a strong focus on movement, sensory experiences and the meaning of physical action.

Nina is an active player in the Nordic Larp community. She has designed and produced blackbox larps, freeform games, large scale-larps, audience inclusive larps and larp festivals and she has collaborated with artists in both Europe and New York.


Communication style Mainly touch and a bit of sounds. No words.
Movement style People will first be lying down, then slowly getting up and move around. They will move slowly and dance-like and without being able to see.
Tone Moderate
Characters There are no actual characters; players play abstract entities, or similar
Narrative control There is no story as such, it’s more like abstract activity
Transparency Fully transparent – players will, or at least can, know absolutely everything in advance
Representation level The fictional space is so abstract that its physical representation isn’t important
Play culture The concept of rivalry or cooperation between players doesn’t really apply

Sunday afternoon, Studio 5