Lunchtime talks 2019

At The Smoke in 2019, we have a series of short informal talks by our wonderful special guests. Each of them will speak briefly about a particular area of interest, and then invite questions and discussion. We will be recording the talks and discussion, and these recordings will appear here after the festival.

  • Lea: will talk about potential for transformative learning in larp, based on her experiences in JALL.
  • Jonaya: No Plot. No (Game) Masters: The Case for Larp Anarchy. How going off script in a Larp can allow people to avoid the Fun Tax and save games while creating stronger communities.
  • Świstak: Community building and the importance of human connection in developing larp culture.
  • Anna: Dramaturgy and story in participatory media.

(And here are the talks from last year, if you’d like to listen to them – they were great!)