Small dreams, big goals.

Drugs, dreams/nightmares, insanity

Designers: Mary Czapkowska (UK), Donata Brazauskaite (LT)
Number of participants: 6–15
Duration: 4 hours
Genre/style: Nordic(influenced), black box LARP
The presenter feels that this larp IS suitable for young people aged 16+

PREMIER – this larp’s first appearance at a festival

About the larp

Life in the psychiatric asylum is fairly routine, there’s breakfast, group therapy, lunch, free time and sleep. Two newly introduced treatments spark hope for the residents and their future. The asylum though has a freedom of choice policy and residents are free to choose which treatment to follow. What will You, as one of the residents do? Will You find a way to achieve Your goals? Will You manage to fulfil Your dreams?

Content Warnings: Possibly unpleasant sounds (irritating clock, woman screaming), sensitive topic of mental illness, disturbing descriptions of nightmares.

Presented by

Mary Czapkowska (UK): I feel that I was introduced to LARP sort of like Alice was introduced to the Wonderland. I didn’t exactly fall into a rabbit hole, I walked into a bar and met many different beings who showed me a different world and a way of life. I’ve been Larping since 2014, lived through many lives and changed personalities. I am mostly familiar with Nordic LARP and fascinated with the unlimited possibilities of black box LARP.


Communication style There are stages where participants are allowed and encouraged to talk a lot, and stages when they have to be silent
Movement style A mix of lying, walking and sitting but the players mostly have freedom of movement
Tone Dramatic
Characters Players build their characters around a predesigned skeleton or archetype
Narrative control Players have some influence over story, but there is basically a script or structure that they’re within
Transparency There are predesigned secrets the organizers will have from the players
Representation level Scenery and props will be used to make the play space look something like the fictional space
Play culture The concept of rivalry or cooperation between players doesn’t really apply

Saturday afternoon, Studio 1