Small Town Folks

Community, family, history

Designers: Tracy Bose, Rob Harris, Mo Holkar, Tony Mitton, and Mike Snowden (UK), and Cat Tobin (IE)
Number of participants: 12
Duration: 3 hours
Genre/style: UK freeform
The presenter feels that this larp IS suitable for young people aged 16+

About the larp

Small Town Folks is a game about relationships and attitudes in a tight-knit community. It was inspired by any number of movies and novels about small-town America in the 1960s, from The Wild One to American Graffiti.

Add in the search for the lost treasure of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and you have a potent mix of high-school drama, family crisis, community tension, and (hoepfully) a happy ending for everyone.

Content Warnings: gambling, sickness, financial hardship, questions of identity and fitting-in.

Costume (optional): No special costume required.

Presented by

Elina Gouliou (GR): is an enthusiastic larper with over ten years’ experience. In the last few years she discovered Nordic and international larp and has been travelling for games and conventions. Elina also helps larp designers with character writing, editing and project management. She loves realistic emotionally driven larps with lots of angst and character development.


Communication style Lots of speech
Movement style Walking
Tone Dramatic
Characters Characters are fully predesigned
Narrative control Intensely plotted and designed, but players have freedom as to how to achieve their goals
Transparency There are predesigned secrets the organizers have from the players, and also that the players will have from each other
Representation level The fictional space looks very unlike the play space, but players will use their imaginations
Play culture Players are individually trying to achieve goals, such that not all can succeed

Sunday afternoon, Boardroom