The Journey

Physical, experimental, journey

Designers: Jantine van den Bosch, Marcel Oerlemans (NL)
Number of participants: 10–12
Duration: 4 hours
Genre/style: blackbox, normal+abstract
The presenter feels that this larp IS NOT suitable for people under the age of 18

About the larp

A group of refugees wanders on an infinite plain, looking for the civilized world. They all have a different background but landed in the cargo hold of a truck together with other refugees, a truck that will take them over the border – on the way to a new, better future.

A larp for players who would like to experience an abstract play style. In easy steps, you will degrade from a “normal” character, to an abstract figure.

Content Warnings: physical contact, playing with silence.

Presented by

Jantine van den Bosch, Marcel Oerlemans (NL): Jantine is a theatre maker and has written high impact shortlarps. By the use of theatre techniques and her own experience as an actress, she delivers games that will stay with you for a long time. Marcel is a longtime creator of larps and interactive dramas and is always looking for ways to improve and renew the artform. His interests are old-style fantasy-larp, abstract theatre, and everything in between.


Communication style Players will start as normal characters, being able to speak, and will end up as silent characters
Movement style Since it is a larp that emphasizes physical movement, it is preferable if you are able to move around
Tone Dramatic
Characters Players play facets of a personality, or something else that is human but less than a full character
Narrative control There is no story as such, it’s more like abstract activity
Transparency Fully transparent – players will, or at least can, know absolutely everything in advance
Representation level The fictional space is so abstract that its physical representation isn’t important
Play culture The concept of rivalry or cooperation between players doesn’t really apply

Sunday afternoon, Studio 8