The Last Day

Self-discovery, co-operation, sacrifice

Designers: Robin Sutton, Marysia Walczak (UK)
Number of participants: 10–12
Duration: 3–4 hours
Genre/style: Roleplay-centric escape the room, with low combat elements. Very loosely based on the FATE roleplaying system, with the bare minimum of game mechanics.
The presenter feels that this larp IS suitable for young people aged 16+

REVISIT – this larp is coming back to The Smoke after a successful run here in 2017

About the larp

Picture this: you awaken in a room with several others. You do not know who you are, where you are, or why you are there. The room is locked, and the only way out is by solving a fiendishly devious puzzle. The more you learn about yourself, the more your life is in danger. Who are the silent masked figures who appear and vanish at random? Why do they attack without provocation? And who is controlling your fate? Discover your identity if you can. But… is that knowledge fatal?

Welcome to the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life.

Content Warnings: The game can initially seem very confusing, as players know virtually nothing going into play, though that soon changes as they play along. Characters are assigned randomly, so if anyone has very specific gender requirements, we should be informed beforehand to ensure that they do receive the gender of choice for their character.

Costume (optional): Plain, comfortable black/grey/neutral coloured clothes are preferable. The game features some combat, but we will provide all the required props and weapons.

Presented by

Robin Sutton (UK): Our larp company has been running games for several years. Parhelion is now into its fifth year, and The Last Day has been running at various venues for three. In 2019, we hope to launch Noir LRP during LARP Con, where we regularly run the LARP events for the convention.


Communication style Lots of speech
Movement style Walking, with minimal combat. If players wish to play as non-combatants, we can arrange that without difficulty.
Tone Dramatic
Characters Characters are fully predesigned
Narrative control Players have some influence over story, but there is basically a script or structure that they’re within
Transparency There are predesigned secrets the organizers have from the players
Representation level What you see is what you get: the space and fixtures etc are exactly as they seem
Play culture Players are collaborating to achieve joint aims

Sunday afternoon, Boardroom