2020 programme


The draft programme

Here’s the current draft of what’s coming up at The Smoke 2020! We’re gradually adding the full details of all of these larps and workshops: for the ones that have that done already, you can click on the name to go to a page of details about it.

Slot 1 – Saturday morning

Burning Orchid (18+, R) Designed by: Ben Allen, Nickey Barnard, Martin Jones, Heidi Kaye, and Alison Rider Hill

Presented by: Martin Jones

Hollywood, romance, angst
PAWS ON PERCEPTION (P, N) Lloyd Smith Objects, relations, empathy
Three hours, three groups, three LARPs! (Workshop) Robin Tynan Creativity, accessibility, disability
Wedding Bells (P) Mia Kyhn Friendships, tensions, disruption
Remember that time… (P, N) Martine Svanevik Friendship, memories, death
Rum, Sodomy and the Noose (18+, P) Laurie Innes Lust, companionship, betrayal
Ex Tempore (18+, P, N) Debbie Starbuck and Woody Bevan Horror, escape, silence
Here Comes a Candle (R 18+) Designed by: Laura Wood

Presented by: Jeff Mann

Resistance, dystopia, friendship
The Borden Legacy (18+) Designed by: Nickey Barnard, Phil Dall, David Dorward, and Clare Gardner

Presented by: Nickey Barnard

Mystery, mythos, family
The RSC (P, N) Ylva Otting Dystopian, relationships, conflict

Slot 2 – Saturday afternoon

Creating New Worlds (P) Usva Seregina Art, materiality, connection
The Inside (18+, P) Lee Foxworthy Institutionalization, humanity, tragedy
The Frontline (18+, N) Kevin Blank Death, war, responsibility
Commodity (P, N) Ryan Hart Predatory, greed, crisis
Grandma’s Resting Place Designed by: Quinn D, Kathleen De Smet, Katie Giacomini, Eva Schiffer, and Gaylord Tang

Presented by: Sue Lee

Family, viewpoint, memories
Black Legacy (18+, N) Alex Helm Secrets, heresy, power
Everything You Ever Wanted (18+, P, N) Hazel Dixon & Jos Porath Growth, reflection, eerie
Dangerous Liaisons (18+, P, N) Muriel Algayres Seduction, powerplay, downfall
Welcome to the End of Your Life (N) Tony Porteous High-stakes, alliance, judgement
Musical Creatures (18+, N) Nina Runa Essendrop & Jonathan Goldsmith Musicality, immersion, non- verbal
Musical Creatures Café (18+, N) Nina Runa Essendrop & Jonathan Goldsmith Musicality, interactive experience

Slot 3 – Sunday morning

Who do you think you are? (18+, N) Kat Jones Fame, identity, Spice Girls
Lost and Found: Belongings That Belong (P, N) Alex Brown Community, absurdist, agency
We Almost Were Heroes (N) Jasmin Lade

Presented by: Tlanti

Superheroes, support, community
Ex Nihilo (N) Designed by: Theo Clarke, Steve Hatherley, Tony Mitton, Tym Norris, Mike Snowden, and Karolina Soltys

Presented by: Mike Snowden

Identity, trust, growth
Bleak Midwinter (P) Will Osmond Fertility, genderqueer, existential
Hohmann Contract (P, N) Jim Thompson Negotiation, future-shock
Of Your Own Free Will Steve Deutsch Dark, surreal, mysterious
Unexpected Guests (18+, P) Noga Flaishon Exorcism, family, doubt
A Cosmic Class Reunion (N) Diana Ostrat Hope, change, unity
Sacrament (18+, N) Designed by: Kol Ford

Presented by: Prudence Greenwood and Rebecca Rehbinder

Sin, redemption, blasphemy

Slot 4 – Sunday afternoon

Katalin (N) Áron Birtalan Listening, archives, engagement
Masquerade (18+, P) Sarah Clelland and Chris Hartford Dancing, masks, transformation
The Best Smoke Submission (P) Karolina Soltys Larp, meta, Smoke
Cracks (P, N) Rhei Loss, hope/despair, solidarity
Eye in the Sky (18+, P) Malcolm Campbell Morality, drones, conflict
Mutiny on the Asp (P, N) Joanna Piancastelli Piracy, betrayal, performance
The Dreamers (P) Laura Wood Dreams, death, life
Feria, a Cult (N) Marcel Oerlemans Togetherness, meditation, endings
What Stays Behind (N) Yanina Zaichanka and Yuliya Safronava Nostalgia, moving on, community
Roxanne (N) Nicolai Strøm Steffensen and Rasmus Teilmann Love, lust, dance

18+ = this larp is only suitable for participants aged 18+. All the others are suitable for age

16+. R = revisit – this larp has been a favourite at The Smoke in a previous year, so it’s been brought back to give new people a chance to play it.

P = premier – this larp has not run at a festival before! (But, like all of them, it has been playtested.)

N = The designer has indicated this larp is particularly suitable for new larpers. (If you’re new to larping that doesn’t mean you need to choose those larps – it’s just for your information.)

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Submitting an item

The submission window for programme items for for The Smoke 2020 has now closed.

However! If you would like to submit a larp anyway, for the ‘waiting list’, then that would be great – we might need your submission so we can fill out a gap in the schedule, or to replace a dropout, etc! Your submission won’t be prioritized, but it will be reviewed and considered.

Submission form

Here’s the form you can use to submit your larp idea (it includes all the details about what we’re looking for, etc: https://forms.gle/PXJS6XxBRTdHXobbA

And here are the programmes from the 2019, 2018, and 2017 festivals – so you can see the items that we have hosted before.