Larp for Social Effect


Fringe event

The Smoke is excited to introduce our fringe event, Larp for Social Effect, taking place on Thursday 9th January.

There is an increasing awareness of how larp can be used as a tool for social change, both as on a wider level (increasing awareness of individual issues, educating participants about methods of activism) and on an individual basis (allowing participants to have experiences that can be transformational).

This year we aim to explore this during the Smoke fringe event, which will take place on Thursday 9th at Theatre Deli, Studio 7, from 18:00 – 22:00.


The evening will begin with participants playing larps from the #feminism and Prism larp anthologies, and Passing.

We will then have a discussion, exploring ideas about the methods and limitations of using larp in this way, and talking about the work that is currently being done in this field.


Tickets, and more details, will be available in early December.