Three hours, three groups, three LARPs! [Workshop]

Creativity, accessibility, disability

Designer: Robin Tynan
Number of participants: 15
Duration: 3 hours
The presenter feels that this larp IS NOT suitable for young people aged 16+

About the larp

This workshop will race through the LARP creation process looking through the lens of accessibility. Together you will discover the many ways you can make a game more accessible while creating your own unique games.

Prior experience of writing or running games not needed. Disabled and non-disabled people welcome.

Content Warnings: may include discussion and examples of disableism / disability discrimination.

Presented by

Robin Tynan (they/them) is the person behind Access:LARP, a site designed to make LARP more accessible for disabled people.

Robin has been LARPing for over 10 years and disabled for over 7 and has combined their experience to provide guides, videos and workshops helping LARP organisers to create more accessible games.

They also provide advice and guidance for disabled players, encouraging peer-to-peer support, to help people get the most out of games.


Physical contact Not relevant; e.g. just standing in a room and talking
Romance and intimacy Not relevant for the item
Conflict and violence Not relevant for the item
Communication style Talking and written communication
Movement style Sitting or lying
Tone Moderate

Saturday morning, Studio 2