Here’s the details of what’s in the programme for The Smoke 2022! You can click on the name of each larp or workshop to go to a page of details about it.

Slot 1 – Saturday morning

The Littlest Village  Designed by: Chiara Locatelli, Margherita Di Cicco, Alessio Rossi, Antonio Amato and Lapo Luchini
Presented by: Chiara Locatelli
Space, community, taboos
The Circus of Wonders and Shadows (18+) Designed by: Nickey Barnard, Clare Gardner, Adam Hayes, Abi Kirby, Charlie Paull and Rich Perry
Presented by: Nickey Barnard and Ben Allen

Deception, magic, sacrifice

Travel Through Texture to Parallel Realities (N)

Designed and presented by: Stephanie Pau and Nina Essendrop

Texture, creation, connection
Arsenic & Lies (R) Designed by: Karolina Soltys
Presented by: Lorraine Kipling
Family, secrets, murder
When in Doubt (N) Designed by: Sarah Jane (SJ) Murdock
Presented by:Alex Hegazy
Existential, rebellion, alienation
Burn the Witch (P, N) Designed by: Craig Edgar, Zsófia Emese Dobó, Chris Hartford and Glynn Hunt
Presented by: Craig Edgar and Zsofia Emese Dobo
Injustice, drama, guilt
Dungeons, Dragons, and Therapy Designed and presented by: Behrooz ‘Bez’ Shahriari Group therapy, conversation, betrayal
Headspace (18+, N) Designed and presented by: Jeff Mann Motivation, influence, psychology
Ties That Bind (N) Designed by: LARPIFIERS
Presented by:
Relationships, communication, choices
We Almost Were Heroes (N) Designed by: JD Lade / Quicksandbox
Presented by: Dominika Kováčová
Superheroes, support, community
Return to Innocence (N) Designed and presented by: Annika Waern & Celia Pearce Self-perception, old friends, old grudges

Slot 2 – Saturday afternoon

Beautiful Beings (18+, N)
Beautiful Being (Human Participants) (18+, N)
Designed and presented by: Nina Runa Essendrop Poetic, physical, drawing
Slow, poetic, Physical
The Inside (18+, R) Designed and presented by: Lee Foxworthy Institutionalization, humanity, tragedy
Equinox Retreat (P) Designed by: Sandy Bailly and Diana Ostrat
Presented by: Sandy Bailly
Relationships, mid-life, puppets
Roxanne (R) Designed by: Nicolai Strøm Steffensen and Rasmus Teilmann
Presented by: Martin Nielsen
Love, lust, dance
Fall of Rome (P)  Designed and presented by: Ben Allen Mistrust, fear, faith
The Death of Chivalry (P, N) Designed by: Christine Lamb
Presented by: Christine Lamb and Woody J Bevan
Betrayal, mythology, fellowship
What Is Love? (N) Designed by: Tova Gerge and Mikael Hansén Goobar
Presented by: Karolina Soltys
Relationships, feel-good, karaoke
Five for Silver (R) Designed by: Mo Holkar
Presented by: Dominika Kováčová

Pirates, repetition, variation

Transmigration of Souls (18+) Designed and presented by: Alex Brown Sensory, movement, consciousness
A Cosmic Class Reunion (R, N) Designed by: Di Ostrat / Gilraen Pendragon
Presented by: Raymond Vermeulen
Hope, change, unity
One Flesh, One End (P) Designed and presented by: Joanna Piancastelli & Jake Cyriax Necromancy, queerness, relationships

Slot 3 – Sunday morning

Starfighters (N) Designed and presented by: Craig Edgar Teamwork, camaraderie, loss
Life Lessons (18+, N) Designed and presented by: Mo Holkar Drawing, community, self-exploration
Fight for Survival (18+, P) Designed by: Ray Hodson
Presented by: Ray Hodson and Simon Clark
Trust, paranoia, relationships
Here Comes a Candle (18+, R) Designed by: Laura Wood
Presented by: Matthew Linares
Resistance, dystopia, friendship
Born This Way (R, N) Designed and presented by: Rei England Queerness, chosen family, life stages
Consilience (18+) Designed by: Brandon Brylawski
Presented by: Martin Jones
Psychology, trauma, emotion
Playdate (R, N) Designed by: Stephanie Marx, Drew Novick, Margaret Simkins, and Susan Weiner
Presented by: Sue Lee and Graham Arnold
Play, friends, reality
4–3 (N) Designed by: Alessandro Giovannucci and Oscar Biffi
Presented by: Alessandro Giovannucci
Rivalry, romanticized sports, ritual
Rum, Sodomy and the Noose (18+, R) Designed and presented by: Laurie Innes Lust, companionship, betrayal
You Want It Darker Designed and presented by: Annika Waern Music, Emotions, Memories
The Waiting Room of Lost Souls (18+, R) Designed by: Martyn Meeks and John Shockley
Presented by: Martyn Meeks and Chris Hartford

Goals, fiction, fun

Slot 4 – Sunday afternoon

Let’s Dance (P, N) Designed by: Marcel Oerlemans and Ylva Otting
Presented by: Ylva Otting
Queen, friendship, music
Batukh Hungers (18+, P, N) Designed and presented by: Alex Helm Evil, cult, sacrifice
Poker Face Designed and presented by: Marcin Słowikowski Queer, mixed feelings, end of the chapter
A Fire in the Hills (P, N) Designed by: Laurie Innes
Presented by: Laurie Innes and Anna Kamyshan
Faith, mortality, religion
The Turning Point (P, N) Designed and presented by: Ruth Trenery-Leach and Laura Wood Connection, realisation, change
Between Production Lines (18+, P) Designed and presented by: Usva Inei Expression, suppression, subversion
My Last Request (N) Designed and presented by: Jack Williamson Mystery, deceit, magic
Once Upon A Time, We Were Celebrities (R, N) Designed by: Di Ostrat / Gilraen Pendragon
Presented by: CJ Romer
Past, choices, hope
Sacrament (18+, R) Designed by: Kol Ford
Presented by: Rebel Rehbinder and Kol Ford
Sin, redemption, blasphemy
Past Lives (18+, N) Designed and presented by: Sydney Mikosch Philosophy, death, surrealism
They Come at Night (R, N) Designed by: Gordon McDonald
Presented by: Jost L Hansen
Co-operation, betrayal, fear

18+ = this larp is only suitable for participants aged 18+. All the others are suitable for age 16+.

R = revisit – this larp has been a favourite at The Smoke in a previous year, so it’s been brought back to give new people a chance to play it.

P = premier – this larp has not run at a festival before! (But, like all of them, it has been playtested.)

N = The designer has indicated this larp is particularly suitable for new larpers. (If you’re new to larping that doesn’t mean you need to choose those larps – it’s just for your information.)

The Smoke Timetable 2022

And here are the programmes from the 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017 festivals – so you can see the items that we have hosted before.