Photography etc

the-smoke_logo_smallDocumentation policy

We will be filming and audio-recording lunchtime talks at The Smoke, but not any larp or social activity.

We may be photographing at the social events and at individual larps, to document the event and to help us with marketing it in future years.

  • If as a GM you don’t want photos taken at your larp, let us know and we will avoid it.
  • If as a participant you don’t want to appear identifiably in any photos, let us know and we will avoid you.

All photos that we take will be circulated privately to participants, and anyone will have the right of veto over any photo in which they appear (or of their larp as a GM).

If you wish to take photos yourself (as a participant or as a GM), you’re welcome to do so – but we will require you to offer the same right of veto to people who appear, before you publish anything.