Practical 2017

This info from 2017 may become relevant again at some point!


the-smoke_logo_smallThe Smoke’s larping and social locations are both close to London Bridge railway station, separated by about a ten-minute walk.

The Nursery Theatre has a suite of five rehearsal rooms, all of which we will be using for larps.

The Old King’s Head is a traditional and historic London pub, and our evening social events will be held in its function room.

Map, showing both:

And here’s how to get between them on foot (which Google doesn’t seem to know about, for some reason):
(map from, our annotations)

Food and drink

We will provide food and drink during each larp, as well as an evening buffet. Evening drink will have to be purchased from the pub. We will cater for all dietary restrictions and preferences, as long as you let us know about them in advance.


The Smoke is not a residential festival – you will have to find accommodation. For visitors to London who don’t have friends here already to stay with, we will do our best to find hosts for you. Otherwise, there are plenty of nearby hostels, including these:
St Christopher’s Inn
St Christopher’s Village
St Christopher’s Oasis (female guests only)


In general these larps don’t need any costume, or for you to bring any props or anything special like that. The default is for you to wear black or dark-coloured loose-fitting clothing. Any that need you to wear anything different that that, it’ll say in the description.


For details of how to sign up to participate in The Smoke, take a look at the Signup page.