Creating New Worlds

Art, Materiality, Connection

Designers: Usva Seregina
Number of participants: 6-15
Duration: 4 hours
The presenter feels that this larp IS suitable for young people aged 16+

About the larp

A group of non-human beings have had to abandon their world for an unknown reason and are travelling to a new world, untouched by sentient beings. The larp will involve the creation of a new society and a new world by and for these beings. The larp will involve three different scenes, which will be accompanied by different audio and visual cues. Creating New Worlds is an art-based larp, which explores the combination of role-playing and art-based workshop. The larp is completely non-verbal and will ask participants to communicate through art-making and the use of various art materials (such as paints, pencils, markers, playdough, paper, thread, etc.). Please note that you absolutely do not need to have any experience in art-making. Art-making will be workshopped and discussed in detail prior to the actual larp.

Costume (optional): Because of the use of art-materials, it is possible that clothes can get art materials on them.

Presented by

Usva Seregina: I am Finnish larper, currently living in the UK. When I am not larping, I work as an artist and a researcher. I am interested in exploring how aspects of art and academia can be incorporated into larp, allowing us to explore ourselves and our world. I think larp can be an extremely powerful tool for social change and public pedagogy, with my own larping and larp design often being geared toward these.


Physical contact Moderate contact; e.g. hugging, formal partner dancing
Romance and intimacy Not relevant for the larp
Conflict and violence Not relevant for the larp
Communication style Art-based and bodily communication; completely non-verbal
Movement style Players can engage in a combination of sitting, lying, and walking, depending on what they find comfortable. Use of art materials will be required.
Characters There are no actual characters; players play abstract entities, or similar
Narrative control There is no story as such, it’s more like abstract activity
Transparency Fully transparent – players will, or at least can, know absolutely everything in advance
Representation level The fictional space is so abstract that its physical representation isn’t important
Play culture Players are collaborating to achieve joint aims
Tone Moderate

Saturday afternoon, Boardroom