Follow My Lead

Fun, (con)sensual, non-verbal

Designer: Susanne
Number of participants: 6–12
Duration: 4 hours
The presenter feels that this larp IS NOT suitable for young people aged 16+

About the larp

Follow My Lead is a non-verbal larp about kink exploration and negotiation that gives participants the alibi and tools to artistically play with submission and domination. Each character is either a Dominant or a Submissive, and has a particular power-dynamics kink. During the game they will search for their ideal kink-matched partner while leading, or being led (blindfolded), through the game space. An IRL involvement in kink is not necessary to make this a fascinating experience, according to playtesters.

(Just to be clear: there is no actual sex in this game. You will also not be asked anything about your offgame sexuality and sensuality.)

Content Warnings: General out-of-game discussions about sex and kink, touching on hands and arms, being led blindfolded to music.

Susanne: is a larpwright and linguist whose larps, be they 360-degree realistic multiday productions or small theater larps for conventions, often deal with interpersonal drama and social conflicts. In the last few years she has (co)produced, among others, Suffragette!, Fight Like a Girl, Frizon, Great Grandma’s Tiara, Shiny Heroes, So Mom I Made This Sex Tape (#Feminism), and Athena’s Chosen.


Physical contact Any contact above touching on hands and arms will be explicitly negotiated. The negotiation workshop is very carefully crafted.
Romance and intimacy Not relevant for the larp, unless a group explicitly negotiate something else
Conflict and violence Not relevant for the larp
Communication style Non-verbal sounds
Movement style Walking
Characters Players play facets of a personality, or something else that is human but less than a full character
Narrative control There is no story as such, it’s more like abstract activity
Transparency Fully transparent – players will, or at least can, know absolutely everything in advance
Representation level

What you see is what you get: the space and fixtures etc are exactly as they seem

Play culture The whole concept of rivalry or cooperation between players doesn’t really apply
Tone Sensual, fun, explorative

Saturday afternoon, Studio 3