Unexpected Guests

Exorcism, Family, Doubt.

Designer: Noga Flaishon
Number of participants: 7
Duration: 3 hours
The presenter feels that this larp IS NOT suitable for young people aged 16+

About the larp

This is a chamber larp about family, about religion, and about the things the science can’t quite explain. The O’Neal Family in Philadelphia USA is falling apart. the youngest child has been plagued with strange and violent episodes that medicine is doing little to help. Those episodes are scary, and treating them is not cheap with insurance that doesn’t cover mental health issues… if it is what this is. The family has been quietly falling after for months, but tonight they are sitting down for a Thanksgiving meal, to put the horrors that plague them away and be thankful for the things that matter most- Family, and the grace of God.

Content Warnings: Mental Illness, Religion, loss of family unit.

Presented by

Noga Flaishon: Been roleplaying for 10 years. Been to a few of the major European larps (Drachenfest, Conquest of Mythodea etc) moved to London 4 years ago and recently joined the Nordic game scene after meeting people in Avalon. IRL I am an actor and a play playwright.


Physical contact Moderate contact; e.g. hugging, formal partner dancing
Romance and intimacy Demonstrations of affection; e.g. hugging, holding hands
Conflict and violence There will hopefully be shouting and aggressive behaviour like grabbing or holding someone. The game deals with the question of whether or not to perform an exorcism on a teenager. The second the exorcism begins, however, I will stop the larp for safety.
Communication style Lots of speech
Movement style Walking
Characters Characters are fully predesigned
Narrative control The shape and direction of the story is entirely, or almost entirely, determined by player choice
Transparency There are predesigned secrets that players will have from each other
Representation level The fictional space looks very unlike the play space, but players will use their imaginations
Play culture Players are individually trying to achieve goals, such that not all can succeed
Tone Dramatic

Sunday morning, studio 7