Wedding Bells

Friendships, tensions, disruption

Designers: Mia Kyhn
Number of participants: 6–12
Duration: 3 hours
The presenter feels that this larp IS suitable for young people aged 16+

About the larp

A group of close friends go out the night before a wedding. They have a lovely evening with a few beers, and then they part ways to be ready for the big day tomorrow. Once they see each other again the next day everything and nothing have changed. Can their friendships survive when old tensions are dragged to the surface?

A larp in two acts about the strength or weakness of friendships when the status quo is disrupted. While the larp contains supernatural elements, the focus is on the relationships between the characters rather than the supernatural itself; there is no mystery to be solved, no answer but your own to the question of what really happened. If you enjoy creating characters in collaboration with your coplayers, if you like exploring how a character changes when faced with a traumatic event, if you are intrigued by supernatural events with no true explanation, and if you want to play in the space between real and imagined you might enjoy this one.

Content Warnings: Infidelity. Other themes and boundaries will be determined as part of the workshop.

Presented by

Mia Kyhn: Mia cut her larping teeth on small scenarios in her small hometown written by and for her small group of friends. She later learned that this style is called freeform, and it remains one of her favourite types of larp – that, or big budget international larps in castles. She tends towards the extremes.

Mia is Danish, but has lived in London for the past two years. Questions about national identity scare her. She has been larping for over ten years, but this is her first time writing and running a larp outside her old friend group.


Physical contact Not relevant for this larp; e.g. just standing in a room and talking
Romance and intimacy Romantic themes but no player contact; e.g. discussion of romance, illicit glances
Conflict and violence Shouting and other intimidating actions not involving contact
Communication style Lots of speech
Movement style Sitting or lying
Characters Players create their own characters, in a workshop
Narrative control The shape and direction of the story is entirely, or almost entirely, determined by player choice
Transparency Fully transparent – players will, or at least can, know absolutely everything in advance
Representation level The fictional space is pretty similar to the play space
Play culture Players are in rival factions, teams, etc, which are in some sort of competition for success
Tone Dramatic

Saturday morning Studio 3