Return to Innocence

Self-perception, old friends, old grudges

Designer: Annika Waern & Celia Pearce (Sweden)
Number of participants: 18-50
Duration: 2 hours
Genre/style: Nordic-style
The presenter feels that this larp IS suitable for young people aged 16+

About the larp

It has been twenty-five years since the class of -XX graduated from High School. While there have been attempts at reunions before, this time it will happen!

Most of you haven’t seen each other in twenty-five years… what has life done to you and your memories of high school, and what old loves and grudges will resurface when you meet?

Return to Innocence is a larp scenario about how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us.

Content Warnings: Bullying, Drugs, Promiscuity

Annika Waern: Annika is a larp scholar and designer from Sweden. Her research has been focussed on pervasive larp, and more recently, the use of larp as a tool for sensitising professional design teams. Her design experience includes experiments with new larp formats such as Cabaret, a larp musical and Angel Falls, a larp played out entirely in Second Life.

Celia Pearce:


Physical contact Light contact; touching hands or forearms
Romance and intimacy Demonstrations of affection; e.g. hugging, holding hands
Conflict and violence Shouting and other intimidating actions not involving contact
Communication style Lots of speech
Movement style Walking
Characters There are thin pre-designed characters, relations are workshopped
Narrative control The shape and direction of the story is entirely, or almost entirely, determined by player choice
Transparency There are predesigned secrets that players will have from each other
Representation The fictional space is pretty similar to the play space
Play culture Players have somewhat conflicting goals, can decide to play to lose and it is also possible for all to succeed.
Tone Moderate

Saturday morning, Studio 10