Covid Safety at The Smoke

We understand that running a larp in the current climate requires particular precautions so that we can do our best to keep ourselves and each other safe. Our policy on covid safety is here below.

We are expecting that everyone at The Smoke – participants, organizers, and staff – will have an EU digital covid certificate (or the equivalent from a non-EU country).

If you develop covid symptoms, or come into close contact with someone who has covid during the runup to the festival, then we would expect you to get tested and to only attend if the test is negative. If you start to develop symptoms during the event, then we would need you to leave, and only return if you have a negative PCR test.

We will have hand sanitizer available in all common areas, for anyone to use as they wish.

We are not making face masks mandatory at the festival: but anyone who wishes to wear a mask is welcome to do so. Other participants should not comment on this or try to make play around it during the larps.