ANOTHER UPDATE: we’re full now! There was a lot more interest than we were expecting, so sorry to all of you who aren’t able to attend. Those near the top of the waiting list have been informed, because theyll be contacted if there are any dropouts. Everyone else: apologies, and next year we’ll aim to make it much bigger!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: we have lots of people signed up now, so we’re operating a waiting list. The people who signed up earliest will be invited to buy tickets: then if any of them decide not to, we’ll move down the list. You can still sign up if you want to, but the chances of you getting in are probably pretty remote now.


the-smoke_logo_smallThe basic price for attending The Smoke is £50 (GBP). That covers the Friday night party, two larps and the party on the Saturday, and two larps on the Sunday. Food and drink will be included as part of each larp slot.

If you would like to, you can choose to pay more: £75, for a supporter ticket. This doesn’t get you anything different, but it allows us to offer subsidized tickets (at £25) to another participant who’s on a low income, or who’s from a low-income country, or who has high travel expenses. And it earns you our undying gratitude for your generosity!

If that latter description (low income etc) sounds like you, then you can apply for a £25 subsidized ticket. But we will only have as many of these available as the number of people who buy supporter tickets. So it’s likely that there will be more applicants for subsidized tickets than we are able to satisfy.


GMs (the people who are running larps at The Smoke) get a discount on membership. For them, the prices are  £60 for a supporter, £40 for the normal ticket, £20 for a subsidized ticket.

Each larp will only have one GM-price ticket associated with it – even if there’s more than one person running it.

Signup form

Signup for The Smoke is in two stages. First, we’d like you to fill out this form with your details: (NOTE: this form is no longer taking signups.)

Then, once we’ve got applicants for all the available tickets, we will ask you to pay. And at the same time we’ll ask you to choose which of the larps available you’d like to play in. (That list isn’t out yet, but it will be by then.)  We will give you a week to pay: and if you don’t, your ticket will be offered to someone else (unless you have a good excuse, like being on holiday or something).

What happens to the money?

The Smoke is a non-profit organization, and we are budgeting to break even – the ticket prices are set so as to cover the costs of the festival (mainly, room hire and food/drink), and no more. If we manage to save on the costs and there is any surplus left over at the end, it will be put towards next year’s event.