Signup for weekend places for The Smoke 2022 opened on 15th September 2021, and ran until the end of 21st September 2021. Everyone who signed up during that window had an equal chance of getting a place. There were about 60 places available.

When the signup window has closed, you will still be able to sign up, but you won’t be included in the lottery for places: instead, you will be added to the waiting list, below those people who are unsuccessful in the lottery.

Starting 16th May 2022, you can sign up for single-session places at the festival. See below for details.

Free Tickets

Due to a few last minute drop outs we are offering free tickets to The Smoke.

You can choose to larp in as many or as few slots as you will like, and will have access to the evening parties. Unfortunately we can’t offer food, but there are places to get food very close to the venue.

These will be floating larper tickets, which means that you will be playing in a larp that needs extra players, which we won’t know until the day although of course you will get the option to choose not to play in specific larps.

If you are interested in joining the Smoke community, and taking part in a variety of different larps then please complete this form.

Weekend places

The basic price for attending The Smoke weekend is £80 (GBP). That covers the Friday night party, two larps and the party on the Saturday, and two larps on the Sunday. Food and drink will be included as part of each larp slot.

If you would like to, you can choose to pay more: £120, for a supporter place. This doesn’t get you anything different, but it allows us to offer subsidized places (at £40) to another participant who’s on a low income, or who’s from a low-income country, or who has high travel expenses. And it earns you our undying gratitude for your generosity!

If that latter description (low income etc) sounds like you, then you can apply for a £40 subsidized place. But we will only have as many of these available as the number of people who buy supporter places. So it’s likely that there will be more applicants for subsidized places than we are able to satisfy.

Here’s the signup for weekend places: 


GMs (the people who are running larps at The Smoke) get a discount on membership. For them, the price is a standard £60. (Although if they wish to also donate an extra £30 to support a subsidized place, that’s terrific of course.)

Each larp will generally only have one GM-price place associated with it; although you can apply for an assistant-GM place at the same price, if you need another person to make your larp run.

Single-session and larp-only places

Now that all the weekend places have been taken, we are making available a number of single-session and larp-only places. These are places for a specific larp in a specific timeslot – some of the larps will already be full with weekend-place people, but there will still be plenty of great opportunities for those of you who can’t make it for the whole weekend.

A single-session place costs £25.00 and includes the larp, a meal, and the evening parties. (If you take up single-session spots in all four of the timeslots, that will be just £80 rather than £100.) We will continue selling single-session spots up until all the larps are full, which may be right up to the day of the event.

A larp-only place costs £10 and is for just taking part in the larp itself, with no meal afterwards and no evening parties. With these, there is no discount for taking one in all four timeslots, it’s £40.

You can mix if you like, eg. get a single-session space on Saturday evening and then a larp-only space for Sunday morning — whatever is convenient for your own timetable.

Here is the form for these:

Not transferable

Please note that place for The Smoke are not transferable – they are valid only for the person in whose name they are issued. You may not give or sell your place on to someone else. We make this requirement as a safety measure: participants have the right to know who will be attending with them.



If you buy a place and later find that you can’t attend, we will refund you, but we will deduct £10 for administration. BUT if you make the request for a refund after 17 May 2022, then we will only refund you if we can find someone else to take up the place — and if we have to offer it at a discount, then your refund will be reduced accordingly.

We will refund in full anyone who needs to cancel for coronavirus reasons up to two weeks before the start of the festival, which should hopefully give you enough time to make  a risk assessment about whether you can attend. After that we will try to refund you as much as we can, but we may have to offer a discount place for someone to attend at the last minute. We will keep you updated about the situation in the UK.

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(IMPORTANT NOTE: this is not the signup form for places for The Smoke. This is just to join our mailing list.)

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What happens to the money?

The Smoke is a non-profit organization, and we are budgeting to break even – the prices are set so as to cover the costs of the festival (mainly, room hire and food/drink), and no more. If we manage to save on the costs and there is any surplus left over at the end, then it will be put towards next year’s event.