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Larp Submission for The Smoke 2020

Submit a larp here:

****What Larps We Are Looking for****
All kinds! We’re looking for a diversity of themes, cultural backgrounds, and playstyles — to reflect the breadth and depth of UK larping, and that of our lovely overseas visitors. We would love to show a wide range of experiences (narrative, abstract, fun, …) and backgrounds (Nordic larp, UK freeform, immersive theatre derived, …)

At the moment we are especially looking for these kind of larps (this may be changed over time, as we see what submissions we’re getting):

* Easy to play, character driven dramatic larps, for a flexible and large number of players (10+)

So instead of stating exactly what we want, here are the practical parameters for larps being run at The Smoke:

* Can be run in a room with minimal set dressing. We will have one black box/theatre type space.
* Runtime between two and four hours.
* Has been played or at least thoroughly playtested.
* A larp that you yourself can attend the festival and run. You do not need to have designed it, as long as you have the designer’s permission.
* Require minimal pre-preparation on the part of the players. And be aware that, due to the nature of the festival, it should be possible for people to select to play the larp at the last minute.
* Be playable in English, since this is the language of the festival.

If you aren’t sure if your larp will fit, contact us on <> to discuss.

****What We Can Offer You****
First of all, being part of an amazing larp festival happening in the centre of London. Most GMs purchase a weekend ticket for the festival, at a reduced rate, enabling you to play larps in all the other slots; but you are also welcome to come along and only run your larp, for free. Your larp listing will go up on our website for the world to see. We will also take photos (with permission) that you can use to promote your larp.

A room to run your larp in. Our venues are Theatre Delicatessen Broadgate ( Most rooms are ex-office with some clear glass windows, and previously we have converted a couple of these into rough blackboxes; but we also have one performance space for blackbox larps. In addition to the room itself we can provide chairs, tables and small speakers if needed. Any other props you will need to bring yourself.

Players for your larp. They will be allocated a few weeks before the festival, as participants choose their preferred larps to play. However there are often a few last-minute changes in players.

Weekend tickets

The basic price for attending The Smoke weekend is £60 (GBP). That covers the Friday night party, two larps and the party on the Saturday, and two larps on the Sunday. Food and drink will be included as part of each larp slot.

If you would like to, you can choose to pay more: £90, for a supporter ticket. This doesn’t get you anything different, but it allows us to offer subsidized tickets (at £30) to another participant who’s on a low income, or who’s from a low-income country, or who has high travel expenses. And it earns you our undying gratitude for your generosity!

If that latter description (low income etc) sounds like you, then you can apply for a £30 subsidized ticket. But we will only have as many of these available as the number of people who buy supporter tickets. So it’s likely that there will be more applicants for subsidized tickets than we are able to satisfy.


GMs (the people who are running larps at The Smoke) get a discount on membership. For them, the price is a standard £30. (Although if they wish to also donate an extra £30 to support a subsidized ticket, that’s terrific of course.)

Each larp will generally only have one GM-price ticket associated with it; although you can apply for an assistant-GM ticket at the same price, if you need another person to make your larp run.

Single-larp tickets

Now that all the weekend tickets have been sold, we are making available a number of single-larp tickets. A single-larp ticket is for a specific larp in a specific timeslot – some of the larps are already full with weekend-ticket people, but there are still plenty of great opportunities for those of you who can’t make it for the whole weekend.

A single-larp ticket costs £15 and includes the larp, a meal, and the evening parties. We will continue selling single-larp tickets up until all the larps are full, which may be right up to the day of the event. If you want a day ticket (two larps on the same day), that’s effectively the same as two single-larp tickets, and will cost £30.


If you buy a ticket and later find that you can’t attend, we will refund you, as long as you make your request before 21st December 2018. If it’s after that, then we will only refund you if we can find someone else to buy the ticket that you are vacating.

Signup form

Signup for The Smoke is in two stages. First, you should fill out a form with your details: that form is here

Then, once we’ve got applicants for all the available tickets, we will ask you to pay. And at the same time we’ll ask you to choose which of the larps available you’d like to play in. We will give you a week to pay for your ticket: and if you don’t, your ticket will be offered to someone else.

What happens to the money?

The Smoke is a non-profit organization, and we are budgeting to break even – the ticket prices are set so as to cover the costs of the festival (mainly, room hire and food/drink), and no more. If we manage to save on the costs and there is any surplus left over at the end, then it will be put towards next year’s event.