Special guests


Every year we invite special guests to talk and present at The Smoke, and 2020 is no exception! We look for people who have interesting and valuable things to say about larp – and this year we are very grateful to the wonderful guests who will be joining us!

Laura Mitchell


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Laura Mitchell started LARPing at Lancaster University in 2002 and hasn’t stopped since. She is currently in role as a scholar and consultant.

She writes horror LARP and has been a member of one or another LARP organising team since 2005. She is currently writing LARP events for training purposes, and has published in scholarly journals about the organisation of LARP events.

Her current projects include Reality Checkpoint LRP’s Before the End, and the website UKLARP.org which offers a shared online space for reflection by all participants in UK larping activities. She hopes one day to run her full-scale Regency LARP events, but keeps getting distracted.

Robin Tynan


(photo: Oliver Facey)

Robin Tynan is the person behind Access:LARP, a site designed to make LARP more accessible for disabled people. Robin has been LARPing for over 10 years and disabled for over 7 and has combined their experience to provide guides, videos and workshops helping LARP organisers to create more accessible games. They also provide advice and guidance for disabled players, encouraging peer-to-peer support, to help people get the most out of games.

More special guests

… will be added here as soon as we have their bios and photos ready!