The Waiting Room of Lost Souls

Goals, fiction, fun

Designers: John Shockley, Martyn Meeks (UK)
Number of participants: 10–15
Duration: 3 hours
Genre/style: Meta, Nordic-influenced, lighthearted, relaxed, fun
The presenter feels that this larp IS NOT suitable for young people aged 16+

About the larp

Some of them are long gone. Some of them are dead. Some of them only ever existed for a few moments. But all of them have unfinished business.

These are the characters that we play when we larp, the alter egos that we wear for a time and then set aside when we are done. But for them, existence goes on, and their hopes, dreams and goals persist as they are held in an unchanging limbo awaiting the next time they are needed.

But now, things are changing, in the Waiting Room of Lost Souls; and these poor unfortunates have a chance at agency. A chance to see their goals reached, and their dreams made real. Join us in fun, lighthearted exploration of wish fulfilment for the fictional, as these characters return to try to seize their chance at contentment.

Content Warnings: Players will have a chance to set taboo subjects before character generation to allow safe play.

Costume (optional): If players wish to bring character defining props or costume, they are more than welcome to. Players do not need to have a character in mind before arriving, and no props are required, but the option is there.

John Shockley (UK): John is a long time larper, having written, organised and played games since sometime soon after the Mesolithic period. He is a narrativist and immersionist, and is often found haunting international blockbuster larps, scaring the youngsters with his intimidating demeanour and scruffy looks. When not disturbing the locals, he is often found planning new larps, talking about larp or raising the next generation of larper.

Martyn Meeks: Martyn has been playing LARP, since it was called LRP. Cutting his teeth in a regular local club before heading to the UK fest systems and eventually being asked to help write faction plot. Got bitten by the international LARP bug a few years ago and has been to as many as he can since then. Now turning his hand to the organisational and writing side as well while hiding from his day job. A regular denizen of the Smoke and past writer.

Chris Hartford: 


Communication style Lots of speech
Movement style Sitting
Tone Light-hearted
Characters Players create their own characters, in a workshop
Narrative control The shape and direction of the story is entirely, or almost entirely, determined by player choice
Transparency Transparent design, but players can create secrets during play and keep them from each other / reveal them when wished
Representation level Scenery and props will be used to make the play space look something like the fictional space
Play culture Players are individually trying to achieve goals, such that not all can succeed

Sunday morning, Studio 10